2007 Nissan Quest Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

Nissan reveals redesigned 2007 Nissan Quest at the Chicago Auto show.

WOW the interior changes are really nice!

“The heart of the new 2007 Quest, of course, is the revised interior.

The new instrument panel moves the gauges in front of the driver.
· We’ve changed the location of the DVD changer
· Moved and refined the in-dash information display screen
· Revised the upper console and incorporated the rear HVAC controls there
· Enlarged the glove compartment
· Added chrome or wood-style accents
· And changed the knobs”

External News Story

Nissan’s V-6 wins an unprecendented 12th Ward’s 10 Best Engines award

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. 3.5L DOHC V-6
By Bill Visnic
WardsAuto.com Jan 4 2006

An engineer for one of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.’s rivals recently groused, “You know, you really ought to call it ‘Ward’s 9 Best Engines,’ because Nissan automatically gets a win every year.”

The comment was offered good-naturedly but with a twinge of frustration.

With a record 12th consecutive win for its landmark 3.5L VQ DOHC V-6, Nissan is making a case for the engineer’s suggestion.

It has been a 10 Best Engines winner every year for some variant of Nissan’s fabulous VQ engine family since the competition began in 1995.

As far as competitors are concerned, it really has become something like “Nissan’s VQ and the year’s nine other best engines.”

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