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UPDATE***** OK this evening I checked the fans. I started the vehicle & let it idle for about 20 minutes. I watched the temp bars & yes 4 bars is all I ever saw which you mentioned was normal. Gave up waiting for 5 or 6 bars & started to looked into engine compartment. I noticed both fans spinning at the same speed. When the air was on full blast all I got was around 60 degrees coming from the vent. I decided to take the water hose & spray the condenser. Once I sprayed the condenser I noticed the fans slow down & heard a click noise. I am assuming the ECM told the fans that they are working too hard, slow down as it is cooler. Then I noticed the temp was around 45 degrees coming from the vent. I did turn the AC off & both fans stopped spinning for awhile before they kicked back on with the AC off. Does this still sound like I should replace the fans? Is there some sort of temp sensor that might be flaky? I checked for blockage on the condenser found nothing but bugs & minor debris. I took a sheet of paper & verified that the fans were pulling air into engine compartment by sucking the paper to the outside of the condenser.

Still @ wits end, any more ideas?