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I also have a 2004 Nissan quest with only about 65,000 miles on it.My wife drives this car only around local .I brought it to have it serviced yesterday and when they put it up on the lift they found that the subframe on the right passenger side by the front wheel rotted the size of a softball.They said it was to dangerous to drive.The wheel bearing need to be replaced also do to flexing of the frame.We are raising 3 granddaughters and my wife drives them to there activity’s all the time. Thank God we found out before something could have happen. This all could have been prevented if Nissan just diverted the A/C drippings away from the frame.This is a manufacture ERROR!!!!!!! This ERROR will cost me about 3,000 to fix. People who have 2004 quest Please check your car to pervert someone from getting hurt or even worse .