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over the next week we went through several tanks and bottles of HEET and the issue was not resolved, in fact if there was rain or snow while driving the issue resurfaced at low speeds. At high speeds there was no roughness. Then we decided to take another road trip. the weather was dry but turned snowy on the ride home. The car stalled and would not start while driving on city streets I had to get the van towed back to the dealer.
This time the dealer found the fuel pump had died and they had to drop the tank. they found the small vent tube that runs parallel to the fuel filler neck tune had rusted away completely at one bend and we hypothesize water was being sucked into the tank for a very long time. The service staff claimed to have never seen as much water in the tank (several gallons). BTW they did pressure and smoke test the tank, no leaks.
Now we have a new fuel pump, new filler neck, ECM shows no errors, and no “Check Engine: light is on. Performance is greatly improved.
I think there has been a lot of water in there for months, causing the stall outs when we should have had reserve gas.

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