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It sounds like this is another yet all to common situation of once it’s fixed they don’t come back to update cause of…..well….selfishness really.

I am likely having to do my distributor soon as it’s givi me a p306 code every other day or so and running very roughly at times and only so so most of the time.

As always Pedro your advice is awesome and I will find that article to assist me in replacing it.

Also can we post videos here or links to videos as I usually do a video of my repairs every time so others can see me doing it and hopefully not be scared of a van with only 150,000 miles. If you take of the vehicle, it should go much further.

And any used car you buy will likely have been neglected so it will require a lot right of the bat so you’re better off to stick with the one you know and just care for it and maintain it.