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I am glad you got it working with the proper belt position.

The coolant system takes some time to get the air out. One technique is to fill in with the front of the van on a jack to have the radiator cap as the highest point.

Also, run the A/C heater at maximum temp to have hot coolant recirculation inside the heater core and hoses. Keep the coolant reservoir filled with coolant and watch its level for the first hot/cold cycles. The system will burp the air and suck in the coolant. If the coolant is not being sucked correctly leaving low level of coolant in the radiator after a cycle of operation, replace the radiator cap.

One important observation, DO NOT USE WATER ONLY in the coolant system. Always use 50/50 coolant as a minimum to prevent internal corrosion. If you purchase concentrated coolant, mix it 50/50 with distilled water. DO NOT USE TAP WATER.

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