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The service manuals can be found at, follow the tab at the right hand side “Service Manuals”. They are FREE.

For parts, the remaining original parts are now held back in a Nissan’s central warehouse. Any part you order from a local Nissan dealer will take some days delay to order the part from the central warehouse. Other good web site is, they offer a variety of 3rd party and close to original manufacturer quality. Your other option is always your local junk yards.

For now, let’s start with the basics:

1. Check break pads remaining material, rotors and drums from polished or damage surfaces.
2. Measure all cylinder compression values.
3. Inspect transmission and steering fluids. Change out transmission fluid is recommended. Flush steering fluid is recommended.
4. Inspect break fuild, flush old fluid is recommended if has not been done in two years.
5. Inspect coolant and radiator from possible leaks
6. Inspect timing belt or obtain date of last change.
7. Inspect axle boots from cracks.
8. Inspect possible fluid leaks underneath the vehicle.
9. If engine is durty or grease, clean the whole engine with engine degreaser and water. This will help you identify all existing leaks that need repair.
10. Replace spark plugs if they have not been replaced at 200K miles mark. Use double platinum laser, brand and model as recommended by Nissan.
11. Inspect A/C hoses, compressor, unions from possible leaks.
12. Verify ECM for any pending or existing error codes.


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