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2000 Quest Headlight Connectors and Electical Testing Devices

Mr. Gonzalez,

Since I do not know how to use either of the circuit testing devices shown in the pictures above, I did a close visual inspection of the headlight connector and the pics above will show that the middle female receptacle is pretty well shot. I have a salvage vehicle with all of the electrical harnesses and parts intact. I included a picture of the replacement connector that I can use (yes, that is mud wasp deposits that you see, but I can clean that.) If all I have to do is cut and splice the three wires, is there any advice you can give on how to do that optimally? I tried to poke the circuit tester shown in the pic though a couple of the wires, but nothing happened. Do the headlights need to be turned on when you use that device? Once I solve this problem, I will move on to the problem with the cabin lights coming on when I make a banked right turn.

Any advice you might be able to give on how to splice the headlight connector, and how to use the testing devices would be very much appreciated.

Cheers, Reggie (Hoseman)