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Your descriptions are really well written and give me confidence that I can do what is necessary. When I get around to replacing the headlamps, you are going to get a good laugh out of one of the pictures that I send.

I hit a small deer about a year ago with a glancing blow off of the drivers side marking light. The deer got up immediately and ran, apparently unharmed, into the woods. When I got out to check the vehicle though, the side marker light was hanging by the connector. The fastener holes in the bezel were snapped off, so I duct taped it until I got home and used a bike cable with one of the knob ends still on it to sort of “sew” the side marking light onto the frame. When I do the headlamp replacement, I’m going to need to remove my “creation” and am wondering if you might have any better ideas about how to re-attach that marking light considering the damage to the bezel. The plastic pieces on this vehicle are so brittle and I break parts off all the time. Thank you for the part number on the black retainers. I’ll be looking for them.

Best regards, Reggie