Reply To: 2004 Quest repairs



I have had my van for 6 years & love it. It has 130k miles. After reading other posts, I am thanking God I haven’t had half the problems.

*Driver side sun visor hangs but when left up, it stays in
*Not sure why ANY vehicle would have the radio antennae attached to the rear windows knowing it’s a “family” vehicle. My toddlers knocked them off so I can only listen to CD’s. Haven’t wanted to spend the money to have it fixed cause I am sure it won’t be cheap.
*replaced the coolant fan – did ourselves
*Camshaft sensors – did ourselves
*rotors & pads – did ourselves
*terpintine belt – did ourselves
*altenator twice- had a mechanic do it, 2nd time was still under warranty

We now have to replace the O ring at the Oil filter base. Dealer is pricing the part at $6 and mechanic wants $100 to do it. I think we will replace that ourselves.

I honeslty love my van.