Reply To: 2006 quest mass air flow sensor



I need help or suggestion here. Week ago, I noticed the RPM is moving up and down and causing the van to stall with noticeable vibrations and felt like the van is loosing engine power in drive mode when brake pedal is applied at stop signs or at red light intersections, then two days later, the engine light came on so I took it to the shop, they ran the auto code scanner on it and indicated that the MAF-mass airflow sensor has gone bad with code Po102 and Po113. However, even with the new mass airflow sensor been replaced and code has been cleared, however, the engine stalling, RPM fluctuation, loosing engine power issues still persist. I read all and have done troubleshooting tips from online resources and from shop technician too but nothing help. To further troubleshooting these issues, I even used injector cleaner too but again, the problems remain the same. Anyone up there has the same issues and tips on how to fix it. Thanks.