Reply To: 2007 Quest SL



Thank you for the detailed instructions on how to change the cabin filter on the 2007 Nissan Quest. The 2007+ models seems to be a bit different than the 2004-2006 model years when removing the glove box.

I used some “Plastic Trim Tools” to pry out the top part of the glove box from its holding clips. To un-fasten the bottom clips you just tug the frame towards you.

A link to the No-Scratch Trim Tools on Amazon (to whom it may concern):

Also I would recommend the Nissan’s Genuine Micron Filter (Made in USA). The outer frame of this filter is more rigid, therefore should not bend easily when inserting as some other filters may tend to do.

When installing the glove box back on, a part of it needs to go under the rubber trim along the passenger-side door. I used a few pieces of masking tape to keep this rubber trim held “open” while snapping the top part of the glove box into its clips and under the said trim.

Additionally someone recommended not removing the filter cover “screws” completely with the screwdriver as they may fall into the “Ether” down below. Do the last (or first, when re-installing) couple of turns by hand.

All the best.