Reply To: 235/55/18



Wow, I am surprised how you guys can make it through with all these types of weather with the Toyo A22s?! I have trouble getting traction on rainy days. So glad I ditched them and got myself a set of Pirelli Winter Scorpion on the OEM wheels. I am also running on Yoko Parada Spec-X (255/40/20) with aftermarket rims in the warm days. Both of the sets have tremendous grip on dry and wet. They beat the A22s hands down—granted, A22s are only passenger tires, so nothing fancy about it.

If you guys are shopping for tires, check out Tire Rack. I highly recommend Continental DWS. Like the name, Dry, Wet, Snow. I didn’t have a problem at all. It has lots of grip, comfort, and treadwear. It lasts at least 3 years with lots of miles.