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I am close to driving mine to the shore, set in neutral and letting it roll towards the long Island sound! 2 years ago the automatic sliding door stopped closing on its own..greased the heck out of it, nothing. living with it. 2 months ago the check engine light came on: had to replace the Rear a/f 02 sensor…tons of fun! Since had to remove the top of the engine to get to it, I also replaced the spark plugs. About a month ago, engine stalled-check engine light again: cam position sensor. Replaced and light gone. Next – Noise in the rear: replaced bearing hub. Noise gone, but now ABS/TCS/SLIP lights?!?! Now, after my original post, The “Check Engine” light now came on again! The front A/F o2 sensor now tripping. I ordered online an OBD2 reader that can read ABS to avoid going to the dealer. I’ll either post the results when I test it or pictures of the van slowly sinking into the bay….