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I’ve had the tires for a few days and I am probably going to return them. In driving over my regularly traveled roads I am noticing expansion joints and cracks that I never knew were there with the old tires. The Michelin Premier A/S makes the Quest ride like a truck. I checked the tire pressure and they are all set correctly. However a bigger concern is they seem to occasionally destabilize the minivan when hitting a rough patch. There is a road I go on all the time that has a bit of a dip/rise in it. The old tires never had a problem. I went over it at 40 mph (the speed limit) with my new tires the other day and was bounced in a unsettling manner, similar to what I had experienced on the freeway the first day.

Luckily Costco offers either a swap out or cash back so I have lots of options in terms of returning. I just have to figure out what tire to try next.