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Goodyear Assured Comfortreds Touring Initial Impressions:
Got the tires 5 days ago.

Not noisy
Tracks straight
Somewhere in between the Toto A22s and Michelin Premiers on
Corner tracking. Seems OK. Not as stiff in corners as the Michelin Premier A/Ss. Not as floaty as the A22s.
Biggest disappointment is that they are still rough over expansion joints and cracks. Not nearly as bad as the Michelin Premier A/Ss but not nearly as good as the Toyo A22s. Reviews reported feeling like floating on clouds but that is not the case with the 18″ wheels on the Nissan Quest. Maybe the 16″ wheels are better. I don’t know if I can change to those types of wheels.

Just had a big snow storm with ice on the streets so I tested it. I was pretty impressed. Good tracking through the snow, icy corners and icy streets. I forced it into some skids and it skidded straight. Stopping distance on ice wasn’t great but I would have never driven that fast on ice anyways.

The big challenge was attempting getting up the driveway. On the way down I stopped and it slid forward about a foot so I knew I had some nice ice to attempt under the snow.

First attempt up the drive I went slow and stopped half way up on purpose to try starting on an uphill with ice. It was a no-go. With just front wheel drive I didn’t budge an inch. I then backed off and restarted but this time maintained momentum on a fresh line through the snow and made it up with no problem. The Toyo A22s in similar conditions allowed the van to slide sideways.

Am I keeping them? Probably. I don’t have anywhere to go from here to get a better ride and I need to be able to get up the driveway if it snows when I am out.