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I have 2012 Nissan Quest LE also. I am also looking to replace tires. Van has ~17K miles and I am surprised, that need to replaced soon.

At around ~5K miles, I had flat tire and Both Walmart and Les schwab told me that they cannot repair tire. I had to replace one tire at that time. I did not have time and I did not have much choice, I went with Les schwab and they recommended me Toyo UltraZ 900 and I was told by them it is very good tire. so now I have three toyo A22 and one toyo ultraZ 900. So far tire has been good but cant really tell difference but did not feel anything negative with that tire.

Costo recommends Michelin Latitude Tour
Les schwab recommends toyo ultraZ 900
American tire recommends Michelin Premiers A/S

Based on your experience it looks Michelin Premiers is not a good tire.
At this point I do not know but looks like toyo ultraZ 900 could be way to go but this tire is exclusive to Les schwab only.