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Thanks for the input satuls. I’m just seeing your post as I did not see an e-mail from the site with your comment.

I just got back from having the Goodyears taken off for the summer. The tire was GREAT in the snow and ice. I only noticed whining once on a particular road but since I don’t drive with my windows open in the winter much I can’t say whether it is a problem for that tire or not. The tire seemed OK at high speeds. At first they seemed a little less stable at high speeds then the Toyos but then I didn’t seem to notice it so either I got used to it or the tire did.

The reason I changed back is that I missed the floaty ride of the Toyos so I figured, why not change them back for the summer. Except, having them back on now, there is no floaty ride. They ride very similar to the Goodyears. So now I’m left wondering whether the Toyos were underinflated when I bought the van and hence the floaty ride. They couldn’t have been too underinflated because the tire pressure monitor would have gone off.

Just a little disappointed that I spent $40 to change them back with no improvement in the ride.