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Well, dealerships are , at times, pricey, and are all just as informed as others in regards to these fickle vehicles. When it comes to a Nissan not starting or running rough…endless possibilities and multiple $109.00 diagnostic checks for me, before I, a mother of five with a journalism degree and never seen a motor in my life at age 43, researched my own sensor issues. I am really disappointed in my dealership experiences. I even had undetected leaks, emission issue and timing chain go undiagnosed, just a “rattle” could be this or that, I am given a $4,000 quote with a maybe… Starting right here in these forums is best. Get involved, get educated. It is your money. Use logic and process of elimination. I wish I could get back the diagnosis fees, but I cant. I simply learned not to Run to a dealership thinking they were the gods of all answers unknown. My poor dad, bless his heart, spent $3,500.00 to have them say his precious 3000 could not be repaired without a new engine. A very fancy Dallas Nissan place, he spent half his salary there in two years replacing part after needless part. Part replacement can be justified on a higher mileage car…they simply say it needs to be done to fix issues, but who can afford that? Does the doctor replace your heart valves before trying to test for high blood pressure? No, Do we have brain surgery before we see a therapist? Then why a $3000 ecm replacement job? just sayin… prayers help, pray for the best and pray that people stop being lazy and dishonest. I wish some of the many lawsuits would stick, then maybe my post could make headlines and I could afford a new Car, Until then I am stuck halfway through my financing and $3000 and counting in repair bills this year alone. Just wanting to save people from the bills, the time and the frustration. It is heartbreaking to go through. Unfortunately, the design is poor in many of these vehicles, making premature corrosions, premature snapping of plastic guides, premature everything… But if it relieves the tension a little, I just saved myself 800.00 by testing my own fuel pump manually after being told it was “bad”. Slowly, methodically, eliminate it all, learning, along the way how it functions. Give yourself an online degree in Certified Nissan tech school. Once you go through each and every thing and EXPECT failures at any given time even while driving, youll learn to love your Nissan…Good resale value, save all your receipts! and never give up!