Reply To: 2005 QUest A/C



Good to know, I had 2 mechanics look at the van, one told me it was the timing chain the second told me what you just said.
In the other hand the other and biggest issue I have is that the transmission is acting up, from park when set to drive transmission starts in second gear and gets stuck in second gear, I have to stop, turn it off, wait a boutique a min pit the key in on bring the gear stick all the way to the bottom then bring it to P then start and go, that works 40% of the time at first try, the other % I have to repeat the steps to get it to go, and when it goes transmission switch gears hard you can feel the hard hit when it changes. I check the transmission oil and it is clean and does jot smell also is not low. That right there scares me from the entire vehicle any vehicle transmission is my fear.
It is about $1000 to get it fix that estimate was given by a transmission mechanic keeping in mind he never tested driven the van was just by me telling him. Of curse any mechanic will give an estimate in the middle could be more could be less but at the $ range…
What do you think?