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Almost a quarter of a century ago I learned that in order to survive the jungle of automotive ownership and repairs I would have to do it all myself. Went to KMart for a tuneup and they suggested I needed a replacement for the rack and pinion, basically the whole steering system near the firewall. I said what for? “something is not working right”, they said. It was the day before I was to take a 360 mile trip. Came back with a co-worker who was many years my senior at that time, and they gave us an excuse of not being able to locate a replacement from the junk yard. 1991 came around and I was looking for a replacement since that car was a ’83 sentra. Bought the ’92 sentra se-r and never went to a service place ever since. Still driving the SE-R to work every day. No need for any other newer model, just put a sr20ve in it and off we go. 21 years and counting… Oh, the van? That’s for the wife. Bought the 04 at 116K, now at 135K. Nothing major so far, although the battery died and probably fried the alternator. Of course, nothing like doing it myself. Oil change every 3-4 months. One more thing , broke the driver side sliding door while driving it into the garage b/c I forgot I opened it (old man). Can’t fault the car for that can I?