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Another update. We now have 13,000 Miles on the van. Fantastic van for sure. Had a long trip for Christmas. 400 miles one way. Got 18.97 computer, 19.21 hand MPG gong 77MPH into a 15-25MPH head wind, gusts up to 40. Yeah windy and not fun.

So on the way back I figured we might catch a tail wind. Naw, weather changed and had a 10-20MPH head wind the way back. 19.98 computer, 20.85 Hand MPG’s. So the worst I have seen, but considering the conditions not terrible. Very windy, and the temps were 10-30F depending.

The last trip here all in town was 21.2 according to the computer, I forgot to hand calc that one, but the computer has been pretty close.