Reply To: Bearing Replacement



Not sure how hard but my (non Nissan) tech said about an hour for each side. So my guess is a max of 3 hours if doing both sides (for the shop). Maybe a learning curve if you DIY.

I bought the Timken (spend a few extra dollars for quality) hubs off of Amazon and had them installed on both sides for about $400+tax, total.

Mine had NO play but made a “wah wah” noise. Was louder on the DS so we did it first. No improvement. Looked at everything under it and still couldn’t see what was wrong. Took it for a drive and then the tech and I switched seats and drove it again. We both said it was louder on the driver’s side BUT, there was a bit of vibration more prominent on the passenger side. Since I had the part, I said…do it.

I honestly wasn’t confident it was the problem. But no more noise!!!

I don’t know when this problem started as I thought it was always loud compared to a Buick sedan. Maybe a long time, maybe less than 10,000 miles. I just changed them at 79,000.