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I know the original thread is 4 years old, but I have a similar problem. Doors are closed and locked, but dash light indicates a door is open, and interior lights come on intermittently. Screen displays rear-left door is open.

A previous poster on the net said placing some cardboard around the pins that are mounted to the sliding door, which contact a metal pad on the body when closed, resolved his problem. This solution, while also trying to clean the pins and contacts on the body, didn’t work for me.

Has anyone had this problem and can offer a solution? Will replacing the mounting unit with pins, which looks like it can be unscrewed, resolve the problem.

I haven’t visited the dealer for this problem, yet. I’m guessing the cost would be expensive (mostly on the labor side), so I visted QuestDriver first 🙂

Thank you.

— Mark (QuestFun)