Reply To: ECM



I have changed ECM once already for my Nissan Quest 2004 2 years earlier and again it has the same problem that is it stops in the middle of highway, than I wait for some time and it starts again, I already spent 430$ mechanic told me computer gave the indication to change the coil 3, he changed the Coil3, it did not work, then mechanic changed all coils again it did not work, as coils are placed down and under somewhere (poor designing by Nissan) that’s why mechanic charged me 300 plus 15% tax but at the end mechanic told me that it needs to change the ECM because its not working well and giving false indications, now Nissan is asking for 1200 to change the ECM. I have 175KM mileage, anyone give me suggestion I am already ripped off.