Reply To: ECM was the issue



I started this thread nearly a year ago. Let me tell you this, that getting parts from AutoZone sucks. I replaced all three sensors: crankshaft, 2 cam position sensors, and still the thing would not start.

I finally threw in the towel and had it towed to the garage. First diagnosis, all three sensors are bad. They did not test at good voltage. They are covered under warranty, so I will get back about $150.00 total for all three. Then after replacing with OEM sensors, they confirmed it, ECM was dead. Reason, corrosion as mentioned before.

The part OEM costs over $900. Right now, I’m out the door at $2000.00 in repairs which sucks, but I get my van back after sitting in my driveway for a year. I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Nissan knows that putting the ECM under the drain grate for the wipers is stupid and that they should foot the bill for this.

Thanks to all who tried to tell me. I thought about getting one from a junk yard, but then I thought, that’s probably rusted out too.