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I have a Nissan Maxima that is doing some of the same things. I took it in to get looked at because my car wouldn’t go over 20mph and my rpm would go up alittle. They told me it was my transmission. I had it replaced and got my car back and the same day after driving 15 miles it did the same thing again, so I took it back. They keep my car for days and kept saying that they have no idea what is wrong with it. Finally they called to inform me that it was fixed but that my ABS light, TCS light,engine light,BRAKE light, and SLIP light is on and that it would cost me a extra 1582.00 to fix that. They had to unplug my ABS system to get my transmission to work, so they say. So I spent 3000.00 on a reman transmission just to tear something else up…HELP ANYONE…Does this make since. None of these lights were on before I took the car in the first time.