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I would only change the broken engine mount.. Do not take it to the dealer to get fixed they are always outrageous and every thing you mentioned is pretty much basic fixes that any back yard mechanic could do.. the motor mounts are about 89$ new from AutoZone or any parts store like that.. I haven’t heard of people changing the inserts in their wiper blades in years because its so cheap to just buy the blades and it sounds to me like their telling you to change the whole arm but you can most definitely buy just theblade for under 20$.. I could change the belt for you on the side of the road if we lived closer lol so Midas or any repair shop would have no problem at all.. Dealerships are always a rip off and it sounds like that one is really tryingto pull one over on you bring it to a small garage tell them what needs to be done all that work together shouldn’t be more than 4 to 5 hundred and even that seems high but I guess with the parts and labor 4 to 5 is what you should expect to pay