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I’ve gone through the original rotors and a set of premium Napa rotors (their independently owned shops can SUCK for warranty, so WATCH OUT!).

We have about 130,000 miles on the car — we brake lightly — the rears wore through first. SEVERAL thousand miles later, we replaced the fronts. About then is when we finally decided to ditch the original rotors which had already been turned twice. With the new Napa’s. We had already put up with crappy braking for tens of thousands of miles because I was sick of the constant work on these damn brakes.

We replaced the rear brake pads again not long ago — fronts still have about 1/2 the pad left. So, the rears have DEFINITELY worn faster than the fronts. Getting Bosch Premium from O’Reilly this time, though I was strongly leaning toward EBC from Summitracing or the drilled/slotted. Hope I don’t regret it…again. They PROMISE me if they warp I can get new ones again.

I complained to Nissan about the shimmy only 5,000-10,000 miles and their review came back with “everything is within spec”. I complained, but they suck — they didn’t care. I really, honestly wish I would’ve forced the lemon law on them for this Quest. It has been frustrating the entire ownership of the car to have bad brakes, vibration when driving and braking, and rattles all over the place. The engine and drivetrain seem bullet proof — it’s only saving grace. Because everything having to do with suspension, braking, and steering on this car has been horrible. All under-designed. Even the turning radius sucks on this car.