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Got some more information. I tried testing to see if I had blown a head gasket by attempting to crank the engine for nearly a full minute. Took off the radiator cap and nothing flying out the radiator. That’s a good thing!

Still won’t start though. I am wondering, I found a spark plug/coil tester at AutoZone. I can get to the first three spark plugs easily enough to test. If one was a betting man, given that my check engine light was showing a 0300 code before, which doesn’t reference a particular cylinder, which cynlinder would be a problem?

I was also getting as mentioned before a p0021 code, which refers to bank 2, which would be the side of the engine closest to me. If so, the firing order is 123456. so am I to assume that if 1 or 2 doesn’t fire at all, the engine is not going to start?