Reply To: lower control arm bushings???



I read the following post on line, hope this is helpful.

Had the same shake. It was lower control arm bushings and tie rod ends worn out, especially the bushings. The reason the shake quits when coasting at 60 is that you aren’t loading the tires against the suspension. Under acceleration the pull of the wheels forces the slack in the suspension one way, and puts the front end parts out of alignment, so the tires are fighting each other (the toe-in changes). It’s the harmonic point of the suspension. That’s why you’re getting cupping and/or uneven wear on the edges of the tires. Above 60 the misalignment changes to lessen the harmonics and the shake goes away (and it’s scary as can be to get past that shaking point…been there). If left as-is, the wear to the bushings will continue, and the shake will start
at lower and lower speeds.