Reply To: My 2007 nissan quest problem



Hi all,
bought a 2007 quest last year. the problems i’m having now started to show up last summer. what i realized is

1. when the car is very hot the turn signal lights flash irregularly.
2. after turning the car off, i couldn’t start it at all. the engine was hot because of long drive. so what i did opened the front hood, i let the engine cool off for 15+ mins, then the car started. it happened few days ago too, same scenario, that day was very hot. but it wasn’t a long drive, yet the car didn’t want to start.
3. the front wipers didn’t work for sometime under heavy rain. i was on highway and became very scared because i couldn’t see anything with the wipers not working.
4. and when press the lock button on your key fob the car honks. my car use to beep but when it(i guess engine) was too hot it never honked and now it does not do that at all.
5. beginning of this month i fixed the ac. it worked for few days, last week i went for long drive, suddenly there was no cold air, thought it’s busted again. but for not using few days i turned the ac on and there was cold air. so i’m not sure what’s the problem now.

did anyone of you face these kind of problems before?