Reply To: Nissan Quest 2004 shut off while driving



Firts Nissan Quest we bougth was a 1994, nice vehicle we really never have a problem with it, so we change it for the new 2004 model. I will call it my sour Lemon. I urgently need some advice with this new problem, the van is shutting off while driving. Sometimes you have to wait minutes or hour to turn it on. We scaned and indentify a oxigen sensor and a switch cam sensor??? One mechanic said that we have to replace the engine mounts that have some sensors that could be making the van to shut down.
If someone have experience this problem before and solve it please let me know what you will recommend.

Angel Rivera Fazzi
PD. I can not tell you the miallege because the digital display is not working properly only part of it coul be read.