Reply To: Nissian Quest 2002



This has been a great Van.
We bought it with 25000 miles on it, it now has 188000 miles on it.
Last year the check engine light came on. We had the rear oxygen sensor replaced and a few other things. The light is back on and we are told it may have been a bad part.
The rear door outside handle came off one winter when someone tried to open it with it frozen.
The slide out drink holder between the back seats and off.
Side handle for one of the rear seats broke off.
I am at present time having problems with the blower motor or the resistor.
And the lights for the clock and the radio are deciding to work and not work. Mainly NOT work. All in all it’s been one of the best vehicles we have owned.
I do not like where they put some of the spark plugs.
It is too low to the ground to work on at home. You can’t even drive it up on a pair of ramps. And with a trailer hitch on you have to be extremely careful not to scrape it backing down a hill. But overall I would buy another one.