Reply To: Nothing but trouble



We bought a 2007 Quest two years ago and it’s been nothing but trouble. It has 81,000 miles now and the catalytic coverter just “broke.” The catch: the warranty is good until 80,000 miles! We’re looking at about $2000 of work just to get this dog back on the road. Until now the biggest problem is that all the belts and gaskets keep wearing out and everytime one goes it’s $175 to $300 in repair costs because of the design of the mechanical area of the car. The mechanic fixing the converter says it’s squeezed between the engine and the firewall and will take a least one full day of labor to replace.

We had a 1999 Chevy Venture van that ran for 175,000 miles and we never replaced a belt or gasket much less a major piece of the operating system. This car is just expensive junk.