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I have changed the IACV yesterday and throttle clean and the car keep doing the same idle problem when cold. I am following your suggestion and will get a new termo-element valve and have it change next week and see if that takes care of it.

In order to try to adjust the screw of the fast idle cam when car is hot (167f-185f) it will not affect the manufacture setup of that setting?
Mechanic say that if we touch that screw he will not be able to reset it at the original setting that was done by factory my question is once I start to adjust it and try to make it move to the right at (167f-185f) what exactly i am supposed to expect to happen when adjusting? Should the engine idle smoothly or what it will happen? for me to say “there”.

By the way I already changed distributor 2 year ago.

Hoppe you follow me on this one Pedro. Last what will be the correct name of the “termo-element valve” or you know were can I get it online? Thanks

Keep you posted