Reply To: Quest ECM


I’m like the rest here. I bought a ’04 Quest new off the lot. 3yrs/46k miles later the ECM died and was replaced under warranty. Now, almost five years after that, at 129K miles(and out of warranty I might add), that ECM has died.
My mechanic pulled it out today and holy crap! It looks like someone has been bathing the ECM and its mounting tray in acid! The design flaw (which my mechanic ranted over for a good five minutes without repeating himself)is readily apparant.
I mean heck, they mounted the ECM directly beneath a grate where water runs off the windshield and falls directly onto it. It nearly looks like some pinhead in the design department did it on purpose. How could one NOT see that when you mount complex electronics beneath a drain, its going to become damaged by the water?
So, does anyone have any information at all on recovering costs for a blatantly incompetant design flaw?