Reply To: Quest TPMS reset



I own a 2008 Quest and recently had to replace a sensor. Put it in learning mode with no problem, set the tires to the described pressure and drove. No luck. Even tried putting tires at the pressure after warming them up. I started to buy the VT15 (replacement for VT10) but when I called ATEQ I was told that this trigger tool would NOT help to reset the sensors and load them back into the vehicle computer. I just spoke to Discount tire and was told that the ONLY way to reset Nissan sensors is through the OBDII port. I live in Belgium and no shop (including the stealership) will touch a US spec vehicle.

Extremely frustrating as I don’t want have the stupid light in my face until I can get the vehicle back to the US.

If you have a way that this can be done I’d love to hear it.