Reply To: Re: 2004 SE 178k miles and going strong….



The key to keeping the timing chain issues away is changing your oil regularly. Any quality oil will do. Certain years of this engine have a tendency to burn oil and if you let the oil changes go a bit longer, you have a “low oil” situation. this is what leads to the rattling and eventual failure of the chain tensioners. Although I think changing the transmission oil every 10-15k miles is a bit overkill. But if it gives you peace of mind, it’s worth it.

I’m glad to read about owners who have achieved over 150k miles on their Quests. I’m at 126k miles on my 2004 S. I’ve had relatively good luck with my Quest. The brakes and rattling in the sliding doors are my big issue. We’ll probably replace it next year and it will not be with the new Quest.