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Hi Matt,

I agree 100% with your assessment that using quality oil in our vans is the KEY for looong trouble free performance on the engine and transmission. I used to use Quaker full Synthetic, then switched to Castrol full synthetic for the first 100K miles on my van. After that, I have use AMSOIL full synthetic and that switch was even better. I use AMSOIL for engine and AMSOIL transmission fluid. My van is now 191K+ miles in almost 14-yrs of service. The engine runs smooth and transmission shifts smoothly. I have been doing oil analysis in the last four oil changes and the wear is measure to 0.0014 ppm of iron per mile. The engine is wearing extremely good. Also, with AMSOIL, I replace oil every 15K miles or one year, whichever comes first.

The generation of my ’99 van is well known for wheel bearing of the distributor going bad. I am still in the original distributor. The other day while replacing the o-ring gasket of the distributor, I checked the bearing and it does not show any signs of getting damaged any time soon. I attribute this to the engine oil.

At around 160K I had to replace the oil pan gasket, I found NO sludge whatsoever in the pan. This is also due to only using synthetic oil since the van was new.

Regular break fluid flushes every two to three years will give you trouble free ABS performance. Which is another problem for vans having break calipers locking-up for not flushing the break fluid. The same rule applies to the steering fluid. Needs to be flushed regularly to have a loooong life of steering pump and steering reack seals.

I do 99% of the maintenance on my van and I have save thousands of dollars in maintenance. I really expect this van to give me another easy 100K miles with no problems. I have no leaks of any fluid and the engine looks like new. When I open the hood to other people, they always WOW and ask me when did I replace engine.