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What year is your Quest?

First thing I would do is get a second opinion from an independent mechanic who has experience working on Nissans. $9800 is a lot for repairs esp. if the van is not worth that much. The ECM is a common problem with the Quest as is the catalytic converter. I’ve never heard of the catalytic converter taking out the computer. For many, the ECM fails due to corrosion since it sits on the firewall on the passenger side leaving it vulnerable to rain.

Any mechanic can replace the catalytic converter. and there are companies that specialize in re-manufacturing ECM (search online). Replacing the ECM is very easy, it’s the re-programming that’s the issue. An owner posted excellent pictures and directions for waterproofing the ECM. Basically you unbolt it and bolt on the new one.

You need to find out ALL of the repairs and determine which ones are absolutely necessary to get the van going and which ones can wait (or possibly do yourself). My guess is $9800 is high. An independent mechanic can do it for less.

Unfortunately, you are over the mileage for any type of warranty. You can try calling Nissan (corporate office) about the ECM since it is a common problem. Maybe they can do a goodwill repair. No harm in asking.

Hopefully others will chime in.

Good Luck