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I don’t remember if there is a light to confirm power. Start checking the fuse for the amplifier, fuse No 11 in fuse box.

If fuse is good, then check if the head unit has the sub-woofer connector in. The head unit has three connectors in the back, two bigs and one small. The small connector is the one for the sub. If connected to the radio, then check the sub in the back. You need to remove the rear panel in the driver’s side. If the amplifier is bad, it will be very difficult to find the same replacement. The original sub-woofer is 1-ohm / 60 watts if not mistaking. If you go with a new sub, you will have to match sub-speaker impedance and power to the new amplifier. You will probably have to replace the box unless you go with the 6″ bazooka sub I recommended in the original post (1 or 4 ohm / 100 Watts). The bazooka almost fits perfectly but the adaptation is not difficult.

Let me know how it goes. Good Luck.