Reply To: RE: today i upgraded my speakers



I did a similar upgrade. I replace front and rear speakers with Kickers 2-way 6×8 and the sub with a Bazooka 6″ 100-Watt double 2-ohm coils installed in parallel to provide 1-ohm compatibility with the factory amplyfier. I have been thinking on replacing the factory sub-amp later.

Hey, while you had the panels removed, you forgot to apply Dynamat to the inside of the skins. You should ride my ’99 Quest. It is miles away more silent ride than my wife’s Acura Hi-Tech MDX, it is awesome.

If you haven’t, you need to upgrade the main unit and intall a unit with HandFree bluethoot. My 8200 Pioneer Handfree is more sharp and clear in every call than the Handsfree of my wife’s Acura MDX.

I have replaced the dual-beam halogens with Infinity FX Bi-Xenon projectors w/Morimoto 55W ballasts. Yes, projectors!!! not bulb replacement. They provide Lo and Hi beams for a comfortable night hi-way ride. They are brighter than any current HID model of Acura/BMW/Lexus/… you name it. Here is the caviat is, while traveling at night, you will be scared by seeing how many deer is at the side of the hi-way that you did not know were there when riding with stock lights.