Reply To: RE: Vibration at 55 mph




What we have documented in this forum is that when we replaced the rear break drums with aftermarket parts, these were not really well balanced. As a result, they produced vibration that was felt in the front of the van creating a big confusion of the source of the vibration.

Thus, the first question to you would be, have you replaced the rear break drums with aftermarket drums?

If your van still has the original drums, then I would look at the ball-joints, inner tie-rods (I am assuming you replaced the outer tie-rods), the rubber bushings that hold the steering rack, lower arms bushings, front stab-bar bushings and links. Except for the lower arms bushings, when my van had 160,000 miles, I replaced all other parts due to wear and tear. I also replaced the passenger side axle which had the support bearing in the middle of the bar worn out too.

My van has now 182,200 and rides smoothly.