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Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, for many, there’s no Autozone here. The parts stores that are here can’t read the codes on a pre OBDll system.
I must say that I have checked every and any place that I could see under the dash, and with the exception of some type of after market alarm connection, there’s nothing that even looks close to being a diagnostic connection. I am suspicious of a connection located at the bottom of the fuse panel. Any ideas what that connection is for?

I did read that there’s a plug, or plugs (article was not clear on this) that were located near the starter? By jumping a couple of wires in the plug, or plugs, and then turning the ignition on and then off, and then disconnecting the jumper, and re-connecting the plug, or plugs, the codes could be read by counting the blinks of the CEL when the ignition was turned back on?

This all seemed a little far fetched to me. First, I couldn’t find any wires, or connections near the starter in the area shown in the drawing that was in the article. Secondly. I find it very hard believing that this method is used by the R&D guys and the dealer service departments for retrieving the codes. But who knows, maybe it is the proper way of finding the codes.

Also, I have determined that the transmissions hard shifting and the CEL light coming on really aren’t related as I first thought they were. However, some times the trans will return to normal shifting if the ignition is cycled. Bad ground somewhere?

Anyway,somewhere on that van there must be a port. Its a 95, and diagnostic ports had been around a long time when that van was built. Heck, some 95 models already had the OBDll systems installed. I would have thought that since the Quest is tied to Ford the connection would have been under the hood on the drivers side inner fender. If it is, they did a most excellent job of concealing it.

Oh well, I seldom drive it, so I guess I’ll just live with it the way it is. I suppose that sooner or later something will fail. Heck of a way to go about fixing things.

Thanks for reading my rant, I now return you to normal forum usage.