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Jimmy Newtron

Just had the same experience as many on this form. My local mechanic was floored at the extent of the rot / rust. As the van has been rustproofed every year since new, seems pretty clear that this is a manufacturing issue. As Nissan Canada seems to take the approach that nothing is every a manufacturing issue, I’m wondering if any of you have had success with getting compensation/free repair? This problem also appears the affect Altima’s and Maxima’s but they are lucky enough to have a full on TSB which extends the warranty to 13 years and they provide a full replacement. This flaw is a serious safety issue as complete failure could result in loss of control.
We loved the van but it’s might be time to move along. In the past year we’ve had to fix the cables in the power sliding doors and the slack arm / timing chain issue has also reared it ugly head. The part that sucks is all of these could have been avoided with a $5 in better materials (even sticking with the wonky design).