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Greetings all,

I have a 2006 Quest and the backup alarm went out on it a while back and I had not attempted to find out how to fix it until recently. I ran across a thread at and got the idea that maybe it was just the buzzer/speaker that was my problem as well. So I went on Ebay and looked at my options and found the units for around $50 but then I noticed that someone was selling just the plain speaker without the plastic mounting case for $36 shipped. They showed the front of the unit but not the back (where you would be able to see the maker and model number). I figured that this little speaker could not possibly cost $36, so I googled the image and found a picture that corresponded to the back of the speaker which had the maker and model number on it.

The speaker is made by BeStar Tech and its model number is BMS3650L-P2-HT LF. I contacted Bestar’s US representative in Arizona via e-mail and inquired about this part and was quoted a price of $10 for the speaker and $6 for shipping and handling, so I ordered one. It arrived in a padded envelope yesterday and while I expected it to just be the raw speaker like in the $36 Ebay auction, what I got was the whole unit, including the plastic housing that is identical to the one in my van. Last night, I popped the instrument cover on my Quest, unfastened the gauge cluster, installed the new speaker in place of the old one under the cluster, and now my backup alarm system is working.

So, if you don’t want to go the Radioshack route and solder an aftermarket speaker in place of the factory one but you also don’t want to spend $50 at the dealership, here is the person to contact:

Mayra Munoz, Marketing Assistant
999 E. Fry Blvd., Unit 304
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Tel: 520-439-9204
Fax: 520-439-9214
Cell: 520-982-6084

And order part number: BMS3650L-P2-HT LF

Now, if only replacing the spark plugs was this easy…