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I think you are right. Now I have started to learn and change my attitude towards van, I really started liking this van. It really drives very smooth and quiet.

Recently I had a short trip of about ~150 miles. It was very nice and I was hitting ~23 mpg ( based on trip computer) with AC on 50% time. I was driving between 70-75mph. I am pretty sure I can hit > 24mpg If I drive 70mph without AC.

However I still see one issue. Fuel guage would show incorrect reading if Van is parked on incline or driveway for couple of hrs. I came back from trip and parked van on drive way. When I started van again it was showing “full” fuel but in reality it was 3/4 full. I have noticed If I drive van for couple of miles, guage adjust and start showing correct reading.

I am not hitting problem which occured in 2011 models where van would not start if tank is 1/4 or below. Even if Van is below 1/4 or close to empty van has no problem at all.

Also I am looking for one more advice for purchasing warranty for 7 yrs and maintenance package for 60K miles. Any suggestion how much I should be paying?