Reply To: Shop or Customer?



I seam to encounter complaints about (Independent Automotive Shops) on that do not add up. 1st off what belts were replaced? Does that vehicle have a timing belt? If the Timing belt, water pump and all drive belts were replaced, along with coolant, shop supplies and such, then $1,500 ADDS up and is close to the going rate for the work. Now for the vehicle to run rough, would not be because of the belts, unless the timing belt broke, and was replaced, but the vehicle is and interference engine (Meaning if the timing belt brakes, the pistons can hit the valves). Now the problem with a rough running vehicle will not cause the automobile to be a no start. Unless the problem was maybe a sensor or actuator that finally just quit, there would have been a check engine light with the rough running and should be diagnosed immediately, if you drove with the service engine light on, that could cause numerous other issues, including a no start. auto repair facilities should offer the knowledge therein, and more before any repair is performed. Be sure to analyze the Facility of your choice online, or with the Local BBB.