Reply To: Sunroof Leaks



Two-fold problem The seal of the glass to gasket isn’t completely sealed on mine (still not addressed). But the ultimate problem is the drain holes and drain lines in the front corners of the sunroof well.

I cleaned mine out with string trimmer line (tried to smooth the line’s leading edge to prevent it from puncturing the drain hose). I then dumped about a gallon or two of hot water into the well on both sides and now you can see the water streaming out under the car through the weep holes.

I used to raise the sunroof in the summer for heat evacuation while parked. I still do, but only if I’m not under trees.

I haven’t looked, but rumor has it that the computer area also has drain holes that plug up that may cause some of the problems people have. I better start looking as a ton of leaves and seeds land on mine.